Growth Case Study:
Employee Built Training Video Achieves A Win-Win

Designed and built impactful video based training to drive higher add-on software sales, providing internal sales with a model for handling the perfect customer call.


Address lagging software growth as an add-on associated sale for our client's primary hardware product line.


Our client was meeting it's growth targets on its primary target product category. However, the associated, higher-margin software sales were not gaining the same level of traction. The ERP system configuration made it easy to take an order, but less so in making orders (i.e. x-selling and upselling). While ERP / CRM changes were pending, we had to work with our clients to think out of the box and apply the most effective action which would magnify the benefit once the ERP changes eventually followed.


Working with the leadership team and the inside sales team, we leveraged the in-house videography expert to work with us to design a professional in-house training module. Role-playing from the customer telephoning the call centre to the inside sales representative closing the add-on sale.


Sales grew in line with targets; matching as expected the hardware growth targets. Margins improved due to a richer mix applied once software sales penetration grew. Staff engagement grew as they were part of designing the solution which they implemented—having fun during the creative process of building the video. The business unit took the learnings and applied the training module cross borders to other sister companies.

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