The Five Day CX Challenge

The Five Days Customer
Experience Challenge 

If you're looking for a way to
increase sales and improve
customer satisfaction,
look no further! 

Ready to get started?

Take your challenge now!

Learn how to use data
to drive growth

We all have data pouring out
of our ears in an internet age.
But what data should you be
listening to, and how should
you use it? 

Will it help you drive action
and achieve growth?

Evaluate the customer data
you use now and the data you
plan to use.

Don't fly blind 

Finally, you've found a new tech
solution for customer metrics that
will help you grow.

Great, but hold up! Are you
prepared to use it effectively?

Day two will help you
ask the right questions, so
you don't fly blind.

Bingo! Customer
in the house!

Bring the party games to the
board room! Count the number
of times the word ‘customer’ is
used in a meeting (and by who).

That’s your baseline to beat.

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