Your customers and you expect the best.

You gain more sales, referrals, customers and profits by building a fantastic Customer Experience. 

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Are you ready to make a change in the way you interact with customers?

You're a busy professional who is constantly under pressure to deliver results now! However, deep down, you know your constant focus on the short-term eats away the benefits of building excellent service, experiences and long-lasting relationships with your customers. You can see it in your response and customer churn rate numbers.

Bottom-line, if you are willing to make quick, easy and tiny changes to adapt, invest, and commit to a new approach. Then you are in the right place. 

Gain more confidence, consistency and impact. Deliver the best by growing your experience with the experts.


What can I expect upon sign-up?

Five modules packed with actionable content

This easy-to-follow, video-based learning course is delivered to you, in five short modules, by a world-class authority in Customer Experience. Inside it says Five Day Challenge but each challenge is optimised to fit into your busy day. You only need 15 - 30 minutes to get the essential knowledge you can use that same afternoon. Or, if you’re keen, immerse yourself and complete all five challenges in one day!

Instant Online Access
Exclusive and accessible content from a leading global authority in Customer Experience.

Step-by-Step Instruction
We’ll give you quick wins and practical tips to help you build stronger foundations in Customer Experience.

Actionable Content. Yours Forever.
We will be offering special privileges to all successful 'Founding Member' applicants. Just sign-up for Premier Access+, to receive details.

Meet your course leader, Alan Pennington

Alan is a globally ranked international expert, and best-selling author in CX and EX strategy mapping and design. Alan has over 25 years of experience implementing real solutions in large B2C and B2B organisations.


Well, in truth, it is great. Not only is this challenge packed with actionable material but customer experience is a relatively new discipline and great learning resources are still a rarity. We’re here to change that. We know from years of trial and error that businesses and entrepreneurs can no longer compete on just product and price. Today’s arena is on building connections through customer experience and yet only 1 in 5 companies are getting it right. That’s why our challenge takes you through the foundations of customer experience to ensure that you feel more confident than ever to connect with your customers.

At gloo, we are all about growth and offering great customer experience is absolutely fundamental to achieving growth in today’s world. Do you accept our challenge to breathe life into your customer experience and grow?

Fiona Eleanor, Communications Executive

“Coming from a professional background where Customer Experience was a completely new topic to me, I was blown away by the content of the course, how easy it was to follow and how the bonus resources can take you so quickly to the next level! I feel completely inducted into the world of 'customers' and find myself even starting conversations on it with colleagues! I feel it's had a huge impact on my work, offering new ideas, perspectives and practical suggestions I was able to take back to my team straight away. Lots of nodding heads around the room completely validated that the Customer Experience course and coaching, was an experience I'm so glad I had! Highly recommend!”

Free: 14-Day Trial


5 self-paced learning modules to:

  • Help you to transform your customer data into action.
  • Maximise the impact of your metrics. 
  • Help you to connect with your customers' mindset.
  • Inspire you to have a common language in your business.
  • Breathe life into one, consistent customer experience.
  • Give you downloadable access to pdf files for each module.
  • Provide newsletters and early offers on our favourite subject "Growth"!

Foundation+ : 1yr access


Features in Free Trial + Bonus Material

  • Learn on the move with downloadable Podcasts + PowerPoint files of all modules.
  • Make your learning stick with key takeaways in our digital Cheat Sheet and metrics Infographic.
  • Take it to the next level with our Top 10 tips and exclusive digital Growth Playbook.
  • Drive better experiences with an advanced intro to Customer Journey Mapping.
  • Return on Investment for Customer & Employee Experience activity (e-Book)

Premier Access+


Foundation+ incl. Features Below

  • All content yours to consume - Anytime. Anywhere. Forever. 
  • 30 min 1:1 intro to establish your objectives and how we can help you achieve your program goals.
  • 60 mins of one to one coaching with our customer growth experts. (NB: Group audience option available.)
  • Early access to special offers to upcoming Live Events and our live podcast room on Clubhouse.
  • Apply to be a Founding Member: Open up exciting privileges.

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