Growth Case Study:
Boosting Online Checkout Revenues: Innovation, Technology and Process Deliver Sales Growth

Combine innovation, technology and process to tap into a $50M sales growth opportunity by addressing the 18% of total online shopping baskets abandoned at check-out.


Through sales follow up and remarketing; grow incremental sales, by capturing as much of our client's 2,000 online shopping baskets per day abandoned at the check-out stage.


Our client was meeting it's growth targets on its primary target product category. However, the associated, higher-margin software sales were not gaining the same level of traction. The ERP system configuration made it easy to take an order, but less so in making orders (i.e. x-selling and upselling). While ERP / CRM changes were pending, we had to work with our clients to think out of the box and apply the most effective action which would magnify the benefit once the ERP changes eventually followed.


Working in partnership with the client's IT, Marketing, Sales and Salesforce team, we facilitated an innovative, technology and process-based solution that would overcome the limitations of the system. Maximise all available applications; ensuring we maximised online conversions at the check-out stage and focused on increasing customer satisfaction in their shopping journey (i.e. the follow up is not primarily a sales  call, but one to service and support the customer.)


The new abandoned basket program achieved an immediate impact from day one of launch. Email follow up on abandoned baskets increased conversion by 20%, and targeted field sales follow up by phone call (on identified accounts, with an account owner and an agreed order value in the basket) achieved up to a 48% increase in conversion. Sales team engagement grew as they were finding the customer reactions to the follow up was extremely positive. Also, the reason to give them the "service call" provided opportunities to cross-sell and upsell their orders.

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