Growth Case Study:
Transforming Customer Experience in a Retail Banking Group

When process efficiency and effectiveness meet; engaging, activating, retaining and delighting customers becomes so much easier.


Retail Banking Group's performance was failing to meet customer expectations both in terms of sales and service. Improvements required to deliver a market-leading customer experience to meet the needs and desires of the group's brand.


Market research insight indicated that the brands owned by this group were underperforming. Existing processes were preventing front line staff from delivering the service that truly reflected the value of an affluent proposition. An in-depth study achieved the understanding of the expectation gaps in both the current and desired future states from a customer and employee perspective.


We mapped the brand principles converting them into operating principles and after that, mapping the customer journey and experience (identifying the moments of truth) from the customers perspective. After that, we developed a clear visualisation of the desired future state experience that met both the customer and business aspirations. Co-creating, after that, an innovative but realistic plan to bridge the gaps identified to meet the desired future state. This solution required investment in people; requiring training and development continuously. To lock-in the benefits of the changes made, a monitoring system was installed to assess the program of change over an agreed minimum period with the client.


The process and implementation plan resulted in a 5x improvement in customer effort (account set up), and 2x improvement in cost to serve in terms of the number activities the staff needed to undertake to support the customer (before, and after outcome.) An online portal was set-up to guide customers, so they had an excellent experience and no inconsistencies. Staff costs reduced, and customer activation improved dramatically.

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