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Most CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, teams and individuals can experience frustration with the lack of results they get from their efforts or how to confront a specific obstacle they've not faced before. We're all trying to keep up with new trends, best practices, the latest books and research findings; it can feel like there's no end in sight! That's why we created gloo — a simple way for busy and ambitious business professionals like you to focus on what matters most so that you can make faster progress towards your goals.

Reflecting on your situation right now, see if you recognise any of these statements:


Your Personal Impact:

  • You don't feel as confident, satisfied and energised as you have been. It's holding you back.
  • You are about to set new goals for yourself, your team and your business. It's normally a process you own with ease. However, on this occasion, given the current change you're experiencing, there's more than one way. But which is the best?
  • Complexity and the demand for faster solutions is rising. You don't have a trusted advisor, a confidant, a mentor - someone to help sharpen your thinking, skills and ideas. You don't feel lonely, but do you feel alone?
  • You have a boss that you find yourself talking a lot about outside of work. You are disengaged, frustrated and know something has to give, but you don't know the best way forward.
  • You have multiple priorities; it's overwhelming and stressing you out. How can you spend time accelerating growth when you don't have any?

Inspiring Others:

  • You are leading a diverse group of individuals, they are talented, but you know you could multiply the potential and success if they could work more as a team. But how?
  • You are about to start or have started a large transformation project, and you understand that without the best possible plan for guiding the change successfully, it will fail. 
  • You tend to assign work to only those members of the team you trust the most. Yet, deep down, you know you are not developing the whole team and all their capabilities with this approach. So what's the best way to ensure goals are achieved and everyone in the group gets personally and professionally developed?
  • One of your senior managers has become cynical and does not collaborate well with other departments. They were an excellent team player in the past before becoming negative. Is there a path back to being more positive for this team member?

Growing Your Business:

  • Your sales and margins are declining. You're prepared to make some tough decisions. You'd like to validate your thinking.
  • You want to grow your customer's satisfaction and your business. You have a growth strategy - but is it the right one?
  • You've got solid growth today, but how can you scale it faster?
  • You have a small share of your customer's wallet. They are spending more with your competitors than they are with you. How can you change that situation quickly?
  • Your strategy has been built and communicated - but there is a massive gap in execution. You want to solve this and fast.
  • You are currently making or about to make a channel partnering decision on whom to select to market your products, without a structured approach. You need help.
  • You want to expand your business into Europe and the UK. Commercially and culturally, you want to get it right. How?
  • You've got a critical talent acquisition requirement. On this occasion the larger firms won't be agile enough. You need a customised solution.

Break free and focus on growth instead of figuring out what to do next

Our solutions will help you break free and focus on growth instead of figuring out what to do next. We'll find out, together, what matters most when it comes to the satisfaction, growth and success you're pursuing. The vehicle that will help us get there are better and faster decisions and your leadership. And a few proven tools and techniques!

Why you need OKRs

Get laser-focused on your goals and actions with gloo

That's why we created gloo — a simple way for busy and ambitious business professionals like you to focus on what matters most so that you can make faster progress towards your goals.

Our solutions will help you:

  • improve yourself
  • your focus
  • your goals setting 
  • your decision-making and final results

Together we'll find out what works best for YOU when it comes to leadership and decision making based on YOUR specific situation & needs - then we'll put that into practice.



Give yourself an extra edge with gloo



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It takes more than knowledge to enhance performance. It takes courage too.

Our solutions not only provide you with more knowledge, it’s also about giving you the confidence to apply it.

Working together, you will be able to:

Get ahead of the game

Gain experience without having to age. Get more done. Be a better leader. Even the best can be better.

Inspire your team

Develop a team that takes ownership, is highly engaged, supports each other, and enjoys achieving purposeful missions. 

Be change ready 

Respond decisively with the best strategies for overcoming any unexpected inside or outside hurdle you encounter.

Grow faster, better

Achieve healthy revenues, margins and bottom-line without sacrificing your entrepreneurial, customer-led culture.

"Innovative, challenging, demanding, yet incredibly supportive. Often, when faced with a big challenge that can appear impossible, you need a coach to point you in the right direction. Alan is one of the best leadership coaches I have come across in my career."

Richard Musgrove
Managing Director


Step 1: Discover

We'll have a FREE 30-minute strategy call to establish more about you and your challenge, and how gloo can help. Crucially, the aim of this call is to establish if we're a good fit.

Step 2: Consider

You'll receive a short summary of the discovery call and a proposal designed to meet your objectives/goals, with a recommendation on the timeline and package for effective impact.

Step 3: Onboard

Select the package and agree when you want to get started. Ready when you are.

Step 4: Execute

Time to do the work. Learn More. Do More. Be More.



A growth mindset is for everyone.


It is not something you're born with; it's a choice.


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