When growth becomes a waste of your time (when you don't have any.)

When Growth Becomes a Waste of Your Time (Hint: When You Don't Have Any)


How to manage priorities

If you have ever wondered how Elon Musk became so successful, here is one of the reasons: he is a master at managing his time. Musk asserts that satisfied customers and more significant sales arise when business leaders stop focusing on minutiae like spreadsheets and start focusing on developing better products and services. Business leaders who want to achieve the impossible and thrive must become brutal when it comes to managing their time. You need to develop and embrace the mindset and "personal systems" of getting things done, before you even consider investing a cent in growth. After all, how can you spend time on accelerating growth when you don't have any?

So, how can you gain back more valuable time? Start by understanding the value (or lack thereof) in your current activities; swap your old habits and routines for new ones, that will increase your productivity and dedicate time to your highest priorities. Dwight Eisenhower (34th President of the United States and five-star World War II general) was able to amass outstanding accomplishments through a method known today as the "Eisenhower Box" or the "Urgent-Important Matrix" - a tried and tested method, dating as far back as 1954. 

At gloo, we believe growth can be found everywhere, in every industry, business, size, model, team and individual. Inspired by those before us, we've developed a clear strategy for prioritising your valuable time and freeing up capacity to focus on growth. You need to keep and prioritise activities that are time-sensitive and important, such as spending more time with customers or enabling your sales and product teams to deliver bigger and better results. Next, consider which core activities bring value-add, but require delegation. Not only do you free up your time, but it's also a great way to support learning and development in your team. Now that you have designated your top priorities and built capacity to focus even more on growth, what do you do with the other activities in your remit? Divide these into activities you can offload, perhaps to a third-party, and those that you can kill, because they no longer add sufficient value to your goals and objectives.

Now you've calculated total saved time; allocate it to new 'keep' activities that will support your and your organisation to grow even faster. This strategy can help set boundaries. It will also make you a better delegator (which is not easy) and yes, if so inclined, less of a micromanager (your team will thank you for this too!).

The benefits of simple time management are clear. Are you ready to become a master of time management like Elon or President Eisenhower?

If you are a leader who would like to learn more about how to free up your time and focus more on the priorities that will accelerate growth, coaching can help you. Subscribe below or contact us to learn how we can help you prioritise your time, work smarter, and get the results you want.

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