Google's 2021 Algorithm Update: What You Need to Know

Google's 2021 Algorithm Update: What You Need to Know

Due to Covid-19, Google has decided to break their trend and inform us what their future algorithm update means. This provides a valuable opportunity on how you can adjust your website ahead of time so your traffic doesn't drop.

Google stated in a recent blog post that their new Page Experience algorithm update will start rolling out in mid-June 2021, but will not play its full role in your search rankings until the end of August 2021.

So, what's the Page Experience update, and how can you prepare for it?

It starts with each page

If you look at the original article Google posted about the future algorithm change, they emphasise "page experience" or "website experience."

Of course, having a strong overall website experience seems obvious (and important), but this particular algorithm update will focus on experience on a page-level basis.

With this in mind, here's how you can optimise your user experience:

Focus Area #1: Optimise your speed and reduce 400 errors

The faster your website loads, the better experience your users will have.

Try to get your website load time under 3 seconds on both desktop and mobile.

Ideally, you should be in the 1-second range if possible. You can test your website performance here and receive tips on how you can improve your load times.

Focus Area #2: Analyse your website composition

The areas to review are:

  • Mobile usability: A page URL on your site must have no mobile usability errors to qualify for 'Good status' with Google.
  • Security issues: Any security issues for a site will disqualify all URLs from a 'Good status.'
  • HTTPS usage: A page must be served over HTTPS to be eligible for 'Good page experience status.'
  • Ad experience: A site must not use distracting advertising techniques (intrusive interstitials), which interrupt a good user experience. 

A useful picture of the focus areas outlined above, are summarised via Google's page experience update:

Image Credit: Google

Focus Area #3: Compare your experience to your competitors


You may think you have a fantastic user experience, but how does it stack up to your competition? There are various tools you can use to conduct competitive web research, such as SemRush.

Seize the opportunity

The Google of tomorrow will judge websites not just on content quality and quantity but also on user satisfaction. User experience is going to be more and more critical over time. If you love a site and everyone else loves that site, Google will eventually want to make sure that the site ranks high.

On the other hand, if everyone feels a website has a terrible user experience, then Google won't rank that website as high in the long run.

But what is unique about this update is you have advanced notice, which is nice. So, take the opportunity and fix any usability issues you may have. User experience is more important now, than ever before.

Take it to the next level

It is not surprising that Google are focusing on user experience. At gloo we wholly advocate that if you improve customer experience then you improve growth.

If you are looking for more tips on how to improve onsite conversion rates and overall website user experience then take a read of our blog '5 Ways to Optimise Your Onsite Conversion Rates.' 

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