Five Good Reasons You Should Have either a Mentor or Coaching Partner.


Growth isn't an isolated phenomenon in the distance that you're trying to aim for — it's a way of life. If your business isn't growing as quickly as you like, there are specific reasons why and fixes you can apply immediately.

One of the most crucial aspects of a growth mindset is having the ability to embrace what you don't know. That said, who hasn't had a blind spot or two in their life? That situation or period where you kid yourself that you know when in fact you don't. Whether conscious or not - it's perfectly natural! But depending upon scale and frequency, it can mean we miss out on attaining personal growth at a much quicker pace. As a thought-leader, you want to rise above what comes naturally—appreciating that being outside your comfort zone can be a good thing.

A mentor can offer a new perspective and give you support and advice based on their experience with many successful individuals. Specifically, they can help you with:

1. Clearly defining goals and sticking to them
2. Accountability
3. Increasing engagement and commitment
4. Learning from an expert
5. Developing personal awareness

There's a good chance that you've been working so hard that you've hardly stopped to think about these fundamental aspects of growing faster. An accountability partner, mentor or coach can help you to find gaps in your knowledge — not to make you feel bad, but to help you feel more at ease outside your comfort zone and be your very best! And if you are the best already? Well, even the best can be better! 

It is important to note that a growth mindset is for everyone; it is not an attribute that you're born with, but a choice you make. However, like any change, it is not easy. HBR's article on mentoring, published in January this year, highlighted that "76% of working professionals believe that a mentor is important to growth; however, more than 54% do not have such a relationship." This serves to underline a critical challenge that individuals face; how do they find the best mentor match and start building a great relationship? While the HBR article offers an excellent eight-step process, investing time to understand your goals and where you want to be is a crucial first step in clarifying for you and your "mentor to-be" how they can help you. 

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