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Thank you for your interest in partnering with gloo. The competition for the top partner spots across a full range of discipline areas are high. 

If your passion is growth too, and you'd like to help our global community to Work Smarter to Grow Faster. Then we'd love to hear more.

Delivering Growth Through Experience

One of our Global Partners: Alan Pennington, is one of the world's leading authorities on all things related to Customer and Employee Experience. You can learn more about Alan in this short intro video.
Pulling together the best partners in the world for our global community of growth-minded members is a vital part of gloo's model.

Here are a few lines from Alan below:

"As a partner with the team at gloo, it is clear to see their passion and focus is all about growth. I can see it is not just for their members, but for their partners too. I get a strong sense; their approach is no different from delivering excellent customer experience. Except in this instance, it is - Look after and provide a great partner experience around growth, and each partner will look after gloo's global community with a focus and output to match. So far, I can see the potential, and I am looking forward to building on an already enjoyable collaboration." 

Alan Pennington, December 2020


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