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We are an online marketplace for growth solutions—a one-stop-shop. Our mission is to build a global platform where our model provides GaaS - 'Growth as a Service'. Serving like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, and partner experts to build a global community of members passionate about profitable growth. We want to help you accelerate your business, career, and personal success through our digital ecosystem of resources, innovative ideas, tailored learning, coaching and advisory programs. In short, your A>Z of growth solutions.


Who we are is what we do.

We are friends, partners and family. Frankly, that's just a coincidence. We've come together, through gloo, because, through our individual experiences, we all share a deep passion for personal and professional growth. Together, we have learned that being outside our comfort zones is where the magic happens! So, while we do care for one another, we also challenge and encourage each other to grow; we have grown up together or grown with each other's help (often both). gloo is now helping us accelerate our journeys and we want to bring you along with us.

Even though we are global, ambitious and driven by our member and client needs, we will never let scale or team size compromise our values. Whether you are just joining us, as a new member, partner or client, or you are one of the gloo family already, you will share in first-class care, high-performance standards, a consistent growth mindset and results focus. In short: We Learn. We Experience. We Grow. And, just like with friends and family, we'll do it together. We'll stick to it with gloo!

Denmark - home to our HQ

Denmark has a strong heritage for many great things. For example, Danish design is known all over the world. Delivering sustainable growth is more assured when companies incorporate good design into their innovations. Denmark also has a national goal to be powered entirely by renewable sources by 2050; it holds exceptional business opportunities for the fast-growing cleantech sector. Lastly, our HQ country location could not go by without giving the countries bread, butter and beer a mention too!

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