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Hello! I'm Alan.

Let's get you where you want to be.

At gloo, we work with you to find the right solution for your business. So, whatever your leadership or business change challenge - we can help! You don't have to settle for less than the best outcome ever again!

If you think something is stopping you, then it probably is – so let's work together and become unstoppable.

The challenges are numerous, and the demand for instant solutions are only rising. So let's tame the complexity together.

Let's work smarter and grow faster.

I'm here to help you make better goals, decisions and tame the complexity around you.

Success starts with a strategy

Commit to a mission, set goals, review the options and take action. It's that easy.

Learn More. Do More. Be More.

Whatever your challenges, I've likely faced them too. So let's work together to create the best possible outcomes for you, your team and your business with my results-based solutions, that will fit nicely into your busy schedule!

For over 20 years, I've experienced first-hand how growth-focused leadership can turn good into great. And great into exceptional.

And if you're the best already? Well, even the best can get better!


If my work ‘labels’ are CEO, Growth Leader, and Coach, then my home ‘labels’ would be Husband, Father, and Friend. "Learn More, Do More, Be More" isn’t just a philosophy for my leadership work, but a philosophy of life for me. 

Sofie, my wife, is an inspiration to me and all our family. I’m a proud father to four children (Fiona, Eve, Jonathan and Isabella). Originally from Scotland, I’ve lived in the UK, Belgium and Denmark, and worked in several countries across EMEA. I've also become a keen cyclist in the last few years. Just don’t ask me to do Home DIY - whilst my family will tell you it’s because ‘Dad does it wrong’, the truth is I don’t believe in ‘Doing It Yourself’. Doing it together, and asking for help when you need it, always brings better results…😀

It's not
all about work


Step 1: Discover

We'll have a FREE 30-minute strategy call to establish more about you and your challenge, and how gloo can help. Crucially, the aim of this call is to establish if we're a good fit.

Step 2: Consider

You'll receive a short summary of the discovery call and a proposal designed to meet your objectives/goals, with a recommendation on the timeline and package for effective impact.

Step 3: Onboard

Select the package and agree when you want to get started. Ready when you are.

Step 4: Execute

Time to do the work. Learn More. Do More. Be More.

Our unique approach:

  • Pace and impact focused
  • It's personal - our relationship matters
  • We'll give you everything we've got
  • It will be unique to you and your business
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*
Lets Talk - Book a FREE Strategy Session

Unique to you

We will tailor the solution to your individual needs, challenges and objectives.

Total commitment

We'll give you everything we've got. Holding back has never been our style. Our approach might be no-nonsense and direct, but if we hold back, we hold you back.

I've been you!
Now, I always want to
Learn more. Do More. Be More.

Are you the same? Let's talk!

We're all about growth

Focus on your growth - individual or company-based - that’s what we’ll do together.

Progress, not perfection

It’s not to say that we won’t make big progress. But sustainable change comes in incremental steps rather than big leaps.



He is a great sparring coach. His clarity and strategic problem-solving capabilities helped me land a new fantastic opportunity.

Martin Solander
Vice President Sales, EMEA

Alan is innovative, challenging, demanding, yet incredibly supportive. Often, when faced with a big challenge that can appear impossible, you need a coach to point you in the right direction.

Richard Musgrove
Group Managing Director

Alan is a highly intelligent, strategic leader who consistently finds way to win. He is terrific at getting the very best out of people, is passionate, resilient and always has an eye on the customer.

Richard Slee

Alan helped me navigate a challenging period. His people-centred approach inspired my leadership. He focused on my strengths, and his coaching helped me find the balance between my personal and work life. I highly recommend Alan as a growth leadership coach.

Alessandro Marcon
Commercial Director

Alan is an inspirational coach. His boundless energy and creativity was a huge asset in helping me set up and accelerate my own coaching company. He continues to be an excellent sparring partner for me in my business..

Lise Friis

why work with me?
I've been you!

I will take my 20 years of leadership and coaching experience from operating in the industry field and help you overcome the common obstacles to faster growth.

0 +
Drove double digit growth
across 30+ Local Language
eCommerce SITES
across Europe
(Trading Technology Products)
Led and developed a high
performing European Sales
and Marketing Team
(100 Marketing + 450 Inside, Technical and Field Sales Colleagues)
0 +
International Leadership
Coaching Assignments
(Spanning Directors, Regional GMs, Managers and Emerging Talent)
Delivered 10 Successful
International Business
Transformation Projects

I believe in connecting the head 🧠, the heart ❤️, and the hand 🤚

The difference between a dreamer and an innovator is that the latter generates ideas while others talk about them. One must have passion for their work to produce something of value. Without this drive, there will be no significant results from one's efforts - even if they know what's required.

I Know, I Care, I Can

What do you want to do better?

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