The Survey Results            

What You Need for First Class Customer and Employee Experience (CX and EX)

Global CX and EX Needs Survey Results

A global CX and EX need-based survey was launched by Alan Pennington and the team at gloo during December 2020. A total of 551 respondents completed the online survey, and the following infographic provides the high-level results and insights from the survey.

Job Roles

The number of "other" respondents (+50%), stood out, suggesting CX/EX is becoming more important to more people across a broader range of roles in an organisation.

Experience Agenda: Areas of Interest

Europe based respondents had a predominant focus / interest in CX; with a lower distribution interest in EX as a discipline area. In contrast, respondents from Asia presented a proportionate distribution of interest between CX and EX as individual focus areas vs North America and Europe.

Top 5 Most Important "Need" Areas in CX/EX : Regional Tree Map


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